Mahi Girls School Pratapgarh
Mahi Girls School Pratapgarh

About Us

Mahi Girls’ School is founded on the best wishes of a visionary. MGS serves as a launch pad for those who are capable of being talented. MGS has a visionary to perceive the need or the immediate hour. MGS is the only private girl’s school in Pratapgarh city of Rajasthan set up co address the need co nurture the brilliance or the girl student’s is another name tor women empowerment. Proudly we call ourselves a school that makes a difference and will make an effort for the same in future years. MGS endeavors to turn its girls into responsible. global citizens of world class excellence and provides an environment conducive for lifelong learning.

Our Mission: Together Towards A Beautiful Tomorrow

To provide an education that enhances and stimulates intellectual curiosity and critical thinking from a very early age. Our aim is to provide all our girls with a well rounded education which empowers them to be strong in mind, body and voice. An education that will not only equip them with skill and knowledge but also make them inwardly free, secure and creative adults. It shall always be our endeavor 10 prepare our girls to enter adulthood with self-discipline, social awareness, wonder and reverence for the world.

Our vision is to impart education 10 our young minds through modern world class education system along with the traditional Indian education. which includes moral values, sports and skill development along with studies to discover their latent talents and moulding them into independent and confident individuals.

• Emphasis on value based education.
• Emphasis on overall development of students.
• Synergy between parents and teachers.
• Constructive interaction between students and teachers.
• To inculcate discipline through positive reinforcements.
• To prepare students according co their life and career needs by providing conducive environment co meet future challenges

we develop a practical approach co prepare students co face real life situations and succeed in their future endeavours. We create an ideal environment to make students more competent. We focus on knowledge creation, lifelong learning and on leadership qualities to meet the future challenges.

1. To ensure that each student should participate in extracurricular and cultural activities.

2. To accomplish the selection of the students at numerous state and national level competitive exams.

3. To achieve the selection of the students at various state and national level sports & games.

4. To ensure chat every student should participate in activities inculcating core human values & skills.

5. To ensure data driven documentation for effective implementation of educational processes.

6. To find the interest and potential of each student and provide the education accordingly on the basis of Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


” विद्याधनं सर्वधानत प्रधानम “
” Education is the supreme wealth among all kind of wealth “