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A school founded on the best wishes of a visionary. A school that serves as a launch pad for those who are talented. Mahi Girls’ School. It requires a visionary to perceive the need of the immediate hour. When there were no girls’ schools in Pratapgarh, MGS was set up to address the need to nurture the brilliance of the girl child. It is another name for woman empowerment and another wish fulfilled. We are proud to call ourselves a school that has made a difference for many in the past and will do so for many in the years to come. Our vision is to set free the innate latent talents in every girl child. The verdant and peaceful ambience of the school facilitate in imbibing proper knowledge, the right human values and the 21st century skills.

Our Vision, Mission & Philosophy:


Our vision is to impart education to the girls through the modern world class education system along with the traditional Indian education system, which includes moral values, sports and skill development along with studies.


To provide conducive academic ambience to foster academic excellence and all round development of our students. To create future leaders with effective communication skills.


  • Emphasis on value based education
  • Emphasis on all round development of students 
  • Synergy between parents and teachers 
  • Constructive interaction between students and teachers
  • To inculcate discipline through positive reinforcements 
  • To prepare students according to their developmental needs by providing conducive environment to meet future challenges


We develop a practical approach to prepare students to face real life situations and succeed in their future endeavours. We create an ideal environment to make students more competent. We focus on knowledge creation, lifelong learning and on leadership qualities to meet the future challenges.


  1. To ensure that each child participates in minimum two cultural programs annually.
  2. To achieve the selection of at least 10% of students at state and national level in sports & games.
  3. To ensure that every child participates in minimum two activities inculcating core human values & skills.
  4. To ensure data driven documentation for effective implementation of educational processes.



“Education is the supreme wealth among all kind of wealth”

Principal’s Desk:

The basic objective of the education system is not only to widen the mental horizons of the child, but also to build her character and enhance her aesthetic faculties. It should teach her tolerance and broadmindedness, dispel superstition and upgrading social customs, teach her the best that has been thought and said in the world and to cultivate a spirit of free enquiry and independent thinking. Its sole ambition is not that the students should attain 90% marks in their board exams, but that they should be cultured, educated, disciplined, self-reliant, confident and worthy citizens of a new and modern India, well equipped to meet the current challenges

Let us join our hands, heads, hearts and souls together to fulfill the current requirements of education system which is full of values, humanism, nationalism and international brotherhood, love for peace, food and shelter for all.


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